Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Favorites

This week we talked about what we want to achieve in 2017 and wrote about them and posted them around the class.  I got the usual hemming and hawing associated with writing in math class, but we were writing inside of numbers, so it must be math!

These are my favorite activities when I get a chance to connect with my students, when we sit and talk, color, draw.   I will add some pictures later of the creative work they did.  This year my room has turned into a "hangout" for an eclectic group of young people.  I have my son and his gamer friends.  His band friends who play Smash Bros.  I work with a club that helps the ELL students at my school so some of them come and hang out and then there are my Sped students, (the kids who are in my math classes).  I invited them to partake in the 2017 activity.  Some looked surprised others were like yeah right, I have 45 minutes and I just want to sleep on the big comfy beanbag.  Those who did were touched that I wanted to know what their goals were and even more pleased that I was going to display their 2017 amongst the others.

My favorites this week were less about the math and more about the connections.  This year I want to "zero" in on my blogging and the "one" thing I want to definitely work on is my organizational skills.  I am hoping that blogging about my days will help me organize myself a little better.  The "two" things I am looking forward to this year are my son's graduation and him going off to college.  Well, I say that now, ask me in June and I'll be a hot mess.  I'll save the "seven" for later.

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